Thrilling MotoSurf Show returned back to charming Keystone Heights, FL.

The exciting MotoSurf Show has made its return to the charming city of Keystone Heights, FL. Nearly 40 motorized surfboard racers from 8 different countries gathered to compete for the title of the fastest racer in the Americas. The event was a huge success, with the city of Keystone Heights welcoming the MotoSurf Games show back to the stunning venue of Lake Geneva in April 2023 after a year’s absence. 

The weekend was packed with a variety of thrilling events, including fuel-powered and electric jetboard racing, electric skateboarding, the JETSURF Tube fun race, and a new family challenge called The Inflatables. The atmosphere was lively, and attendees were able to enjoy a spectacular show filled with excitement, adrenaline, and the chance to make new friends in the JETSURF community. 

As always, the most highly anticipated event was the motorized surfboard race, which featured four different classes – PRO, HOBBY, WOMEN, and JUNIORS. 

American speedster Antony Squire dominated the PRO class, winning all heats and the main final to become the first winner of the season. Mexican racer Juan Pablo de Urquidi came in second place, followed by 5x Freestyle JetSki World Champion Mark Gomez. 

In the Women’s category, Alaia Flores from the United States emerged as the dominant racer, winning first place ahead of Belgium’s Lauren Thelin and Sarah Carangelo from the USA. 

Kevin Sedore claimed his debut win in the Hobby category, with Todd Boyd coming in second place and Scott Freethy in third. 

In the Junior category, history was made as ten children under 15 years old participated for the first time. Faith McKay, who races for the Palm Beach MotoSurf Team, scored her first-ever win, with Ryder Sawangan from the JETSURF USA Junior Racing Team taking second place and Jordan Smith from JETSURF PCB placing third. 

Once more, various brands of motorized surfboards competed at the Keystone Heights event, with JETSURF Titanium DFI emerging victorious and securing the title of motorized surfboard king by claiming all of the podium spots. Congratulations to JETSURF on this impressive achievement. 

A big thanks to all the partners who helped make this event possible, including the City of Keystone Heights, Clay County, JETSURF USA, Epic Ride, and Airstream Ventures.