About MotoSurf Games


MotoSurfing is one of the most advanced, safest and cheapest motorsports in the world. MotoSurf racing circuits were first started in 2013 by the pioneer in the motorized surfing industry – JetSurf by MSR Engines

Fuel-powered motorized surfboards are ultra-lightweight high-tech water machines, with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all MotoSurf racers to travel easily around the world together with their machine — a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles and motorized sports. This makes MotoSurfing the cheapest, economical and environmentally most advanced and friendly motorsport in the world today.


About MotoSurf Games

MotoSurf Racing is a whole new and fast-growing sport, established in 2013 as the MotoSurf World Cup series. MotoSurf racing is well known in Europe mostly for the MotoSurf World Cup and MotoSurf Continental Cup Europe, where we can more than 100 racers around the world competing in 5 Categories – Open, Stock, Challenger, Women and Juniors. The 2019 MotoSurf World Cup in Orlando, FL was the last time we could see the best riders in the world in the USA as well.

Now after few years the MotoSurf racing returns to the USA as a completely new format – MotoSurf Games. The purpose of the Games is to combine thrilling racing action and lots of fun. The concept of MotoSurf Games is not based only on classic racing anymore. It’s the combination of classic racing, Electric Challenge relay-race (full electric motorized surfboards), JetSurf TUBE Fun Race and America’s first-ever MotoSkate race. This combination provides a great weekend full of adrenaline, fun and lots of new experiences.




About JetSurf – motorized surfboards


Even though the MotoSurf circuits are now open for all motorized surfboard brands, JetsSurf motorized surfboards are dominating the leagues. Jetsurf motorized surfboards are with the top speed of 40MPH the fastest water machines, which are self-carrying by their Riders.

JetSurf was established in 2010 by Czech engineer Martin Sula, who has a rich history in series like Formula 1, Moto GP and RedBull Air Race. Everything on the board is constructed under one roof in a modern factory in the Czech Republic. “We are similar to Formula 1 factories, that have the vast majority of production under one roof,” says Sula’s chief designer Zbynek Bures. „At the same time, we look after the quality of our products. Eighty-five percent of the board parts are made right here – especially electronics, combustion engines, exhausts, and the hull. We also have our own foundry.“

Last but not least are the MotoSurf Games one of the safest Motorsport in the world, with Jetsurf Raceboards weighing as little as 18kg, the kinetic energy is minimal if a Rider falls off his Raceboard and cuts the engine via the kill switch his Raceboard will stop after maximum 5 meters. There is little to no danger to the Racers, this is why other famous Motorsport icons such as WRC, F1, MotoGP, Red Bull Air Race Pilots are training and racing with the Jetsurf Raceboards.