Fun and Thrill at the JETSURF Community Ride and Training for the Sebring Race!

Hello, fellow JETSURF enthusiasts! 

Last weekend, adrenaline junkies, families, and thrill-seekers gathered at the Clermont Watersports Complex for a community ride and training event ahead of the highly anticipated Sebring Race. Participants ranging from young kids to seasoned riders and even entire families joined JETSURFing on the water. 

Despite facing a minor challenge with seaweed in the water blown to the shore by the wind, the JETSURF community’s spirits remained undeterred, and everyone enjoyed the experience to the fullest. 

Throughout the day, the water surface came alive with JETSURF boards zooming and gliding effortlessly. For those new to the sport, experienced riders led training tips and tricks to enhance the rider’s skills. The JETSURF community has always been about nurturing a supportive environment where everyone can improve and share their passion. 

It was heartening to see young kids excitedly learning the ropes and embracing the adrenaline rush, side by side with older participants who brought years of experience to the event. 

 Unfortunately, nature occasionally throws challenges our way, and the weed situation that the wind blew to the shore was a testament to that. However, the JETSURF community displayed great resilience and adaptability, quickly finding workarounds to minimize the impact on the rides. Everyone’s dedication to having a good time despite the hurdle showcased the true spirit of the JETSURF community. 

After all day long riding on the water, all participants had the opportunity to taste delicious barbeque.  

As the date for the Sebring Race approaches, the JETSURF community eagerly awaits the opportunity to showcase their skills, sportsmanship, and the spirit of unity that defines them. 



The JETSURF community ride and training event at the Clermont Watersports Complex was an exhilarating and heartwarming experience for all participants. Despite the minor inconvenience of weeds, the event was filled with laughter, thrilling rides, and a sense of togetherness that sets this community apart. 

With the race in Sebring getting closer and closer, don’t forget to register here: Motosurf America Sebring Race 
Let’s keep the community spirit alive and continue to inspire each other to push the boundaries of this thrilling water sport!