Racing Rules

The International Federation of Motorized Surfboards was formed to promote the safe use of Motorized Surfboards, to provide regulated competition events, to formulate rules, to govern racing between these watercraft, to further the interest of its membership, and to act as an international governing and sanctioning body for the sport.

The objectives of the FIDSM are to encourage the promotion of safety in competition and in all events and activities, to foster strong and fair competition, and to provide an impartial events and competition program.

These rules for competition and special events are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport pursuant to a uniform set of regulations.

These rules govern the sanction, organization and conduct of FIDSM events as well as the eligibility of competitors and vehicles. Competitors can expect strict but fair enforcement of these rules.

Rules directed or related to safety are promulgated to ensure that everyone involved has a primary concern for safety. But each participant in FIDSM competition is responsible for assessing the safety aspects of the facilities and conditions, and personally assumes the risk of competition.

Please note that in addition to FIDSM rules and recommendations, all riders must obey local, state and federal boating regulations.

Have a safe and enjoyable FIDSM competition!

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